Get Yer Phil

Sometimes there is no substitute for good ol’ fashioned fun and entertainment. Every Tuesday and Friday at 5pm ET, and Sundays at noon ET, fill up on laughter, take everything in stride, and smile your way through the ups and downs. You know what you like! So don’t hesitate to “Get Yer Phil.”
Medusa Exacts Her Revenge on "Get Yer Phil"
The Spin Sorceress Steals More Than just Phil's Heart on "Get Yer Phil"
Phil FINALLY Slays Medusa on an Epic "Get yer Phil!!"
Big Win After Big Win for Phil on "Get Yer Phil"
"Get Yer Phil" with Phil
"Get Yer Phil" with Phil
"Get Yer Phil" with Phil
Did Phil Find Astronomically Big Wins on "Get Yer Phil?"
Phil Goes On One of the Wildest Winning Streaks You'll Ever See on "Get Yer Phil"
Some Seriously Big Wins at the End of "Get Yer Phil"
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